We’ve closed our doors.
Read the letter from our founders.

A Grateful Farewell

As founders of Trade as One, Cath and I wanted to say a huge thank you to the thousands of people who have supported what we have been doing for the last ten years – those who purchased the products we sourced, those who opened their communities to hear the message we wanted to bring, and those who helped us so much with their enthusiasm, time, ideas, generous support, donations, volunteering, investments, loans, advice, wisdom and warm friendships.

Trade as One was founded on the central belief that the poor don’t want charity; they want to be treated as equals and simply to be allowed an opportunity to participate in the global economy. We believed that not only should they be offered this opportunity to improve their lives, but, just as importantly, this was essential for our own wellbeing.

The last ten years have been an amazing adventure for us and our family – moving from a small village in rural England to the heart of Silicon Valley and then to Santa Cruz. Although we had to move back to the UK a couple of years ago, we continue to miss all the amazing friends we made across the United States but especially in our community in the Bay Area – intelligent, compassionate, optimistic, fun and thoughtful people of humility and integrity. We miss you all a lot.

And so, sadly, it has come time to close Trade as One. We hope that in some small way Trade as One has had an impact on your lives and that we all continue to look for ways to live more simply and intentionally. In doing so we make space for a better world to emerge from the noise, speed, consumption and fear that can so easily cling to all that we do.

Thank you for your part in Trade as One.


Nathan and Cath

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